“The Circumference of Hope”

by Darwin (not Charles)

“we can’t stop lives anymore than we can a freight train.  these bonded masses of molecules wandering life and the world, searching for themselves.  what is it about climates and inclines that we seek our souls out for? can we chart our heart meters while watching the ebb and flow of tides?   does our rhythm find its solace, in the waxing moon?  but perhaps for one night it makes the hurt a little easier to bare, that  moment where we can drown in memories and forget about the television screen that is 10 feet in front of us.  those moments where it can just fade into oblivion.  but sometimes, we can’t sleep without that noise.  that distraction, the constant hum and turmoil of some revolving thought, some eternal question that we can’t answer.  the who the why that what…the noun.  that singular form that we can’t fit our fingers around.  that reasoning that we can ‘t seem to escape from in our minds.  somehow we try to rationalizing our lives, that he left me because, she made me cry because I…  we can’t just accept that our hearts break, and that hurt melts into us as lividly as a lava flow.  leaving the tattered remains and shards of a personality left adrift in a sea of thought.  but there is always the restoration, that moment when peace can absorb into our minds again.  when the heart learns that it can beat without skipping.  that butterflies return, and that spring can thaw any blistering winter.  it’s all a life.  it’s all a path and it’s this constancy that keeps us driving away toward some notable or cosmic end.  one that can put a smile on our face, if only when we dream….the circumference of hope.”


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