We Support One Another

In these last couple of months, I have been going through my own process of grief and trying to regain balance (on all levels). As I move closer towards healing I have been showered with love, support and communications from so many women in my circle of life.

As many of you have reached out to me, so many of you have also revealed that you, too, have suffered a miscarriage (or in some cases multiple) in your own journey of fertility and conception. One of my former clients whom I had not spoken to in some time had written me after reading about my experience in the last post. She commended me for my courage and strength. She openly shared her own story. And to read about what she had recently experienced… just about brought me to my knees. I was humbled by her grace after such an experience of deep loss in the midst of a pregnancy that had gone quite far. And I was reminded that I am not alone. And in fact, as so many of you personally reached out to me I was reminded again, and again, that none of us are alone in this! I wrote back to this prescious soul and what I expressed in that letter is something I want to share now, as it really speaks to all women:

“Your own courage and strength is remarkable. I am so unbelievably sorry for your loss. My goodness, what an arduous journey! There are really no words to express the depth of my empathy/sympathy/grief for what you have gone through. Who knows why things happen as they do. I mean, I do believe it is part of some bigger plan, but as we move through these painful happenings of life it’s hard to look too far ahead and be able to trust in the process of life. For me personally, that feels like a big lesson: the lesson of trusting. Trusting in life; trusting in the process (no matter how heart wrenching it can be); and ultimately trusting that Life will support us. And yes, our hearts breaking gives us an opportunity to open more fully to Life; to the divinity of what Life offers us; and to be more present and authentic with each choice we make along the way with the knowing that we really have no control over what happens to us. We can only ‘control’ how we react to them. And the grieving process is a necessary process to be able to move through and heal.

Thank you, for your friendship and support. Thank you for taking the time to write this; to reach out; to share your heart and story so deeply. As I write, I grieve for your loss, too… I shed tears —  for we as women are all mothers, whether we have experienced it fully yet, or not. We feel the pain of one another’s losses and the joy of one another’s blessings almost as deeply as our own. The support and community we offer one another is priceless. So, thank you.   Somehow, some way, I do believe there are gifts in these experiences. That these heart shattering experiences are meant to offer us something we would not have attained otherwise. That at some point along the way, we will see the blessing in them… somehow, some way.”

Peace & Blessings, always. May we each find our balance and healing along the journey of life.


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