All This Talk of Gratitude…

Walking the Talk.

The talk of gratitude is one heard over and over whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, but especially around this time of the year. Even in our practice of Strong Yoga® we suggest incorporating a ‘Gratitude Journal’ into the daily practice of life.

It is no doubt: Gratitude is a powerful state of being. And time and again it is reported that having an attitude of gratitude shifts things in one’s life, often times in a big way.

But HOW do you practice this when it truly feels like your entire world is crashing down around you?

Quick story:
I was working with a client today teaching yoga therapy. She is a young woman (maybe early 20’s?) and two years ago she fell from 30 feet, severed her spine and shattered most of her vertebrae. She had a spinal fusion and all the doctors are amazed she is even able to walk. To look at her now, one would have NO idea that was her reality. Nor would they know that she is still in so much pain that she can barely function. Her profession prior to the fall? A dancer. Now, a jeweler.

Her attitude? AMAZING. I was so inspired by this woman; I really had to hold myself back from crying right in front of her. At the end of the session I acknowledged her, for her bravery, her strength and her incredible attitude. She looked at me a simply said, “Ya know, I was depressed for quite some time. But I decided to be happy. I chose Joy. I really makes it all a lot easier.”

Wow. No words really for the depth of her ‘simple’ choice… and who she is being in the world, despite this tragedy.

So, back to the original question I pose to you (and to myself for that matter): HOW can we practice gratitude when it truly feels like our entire world is crashing down around us?

Well, I think we just decide to. We choose it. Again and again.

And we can choose JOY (or any other great feeling!)

Blessings & Love. Happy Thanksgiving!



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